Finstar(Fins) Airdrop 70,000 Fins worth $140,000 to be distributed freely to 200 winners.

About Finstar:

Finstar is a Defi based E-commerce and Freelance ecosystem/platform, which provides equality for Buyer’s & Sellers without payment restrictions and no central storage of data.

Finstar with its life changing strategy in E-commerce and freelancing brings in an accurate match of buyer, seller, employer& employees.

Our model ensures “right person on right job for the right pay” which creates more demand and supply.

Our platform also accommodates varieties of skills & products online

store out there in the open market.

Finstar Token is the native token on our platform with several utilities and with a maximum supply of 25,000,000.

Total Airdrop Allocation= $140,000 worth of Finstar tokens

Number of winners= 200 lucky winners to be selected

KYC= No KYC required.

Date= 30th June- 7th July

How to participate in the Airdrop:

1.Join Finstar on Telegram group( & Telegram channel(

2.Follow Finstar on twitter(

3.Retweet the pinned tweet (, Share and tag 5 friends.

4.Write something about Finstar and put hash tag #finstar, #finstartoken #freelance, #ecommerce and tag our twitter.

5.Submit your Binance Smart Chain (Bep20) wallet address and details of the task done in the form below.



N/B: Winners will be announced after 7th July on our Telegram channel and Fins token airdropped to the winners provided smart chain wallet address



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We are Finstar, a defi built E-commerce and Freelance platform. We provide equality for Buyer's & Sellers without payment restrictions or central storage...